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Textilene Seat Back With Coffee Table 4 Pieces Iron Garden Table And Chairs

Model: 3001

Textilene Seat Back With Coffee Table 4 Pieces Iron Garden Table And Chairs

Textilene Seat Back Iron Garden Table and Chair Set of 4 with Coffee Table is a practical, beautiful, and durable outdoor furniture combination, suitable for placing in the courtyard, providing you and your family or friends with comfortable outdoor dining and resting space.
The seat back is made of Textilene material, which is a synthetic resin fabric with soft and comfortable properties, providing you with a comfortable sitting posture and back support. Textilene seats also have excellent wear-resistant and waterproof properties, can withstand the test of various weather conditions, and are not easy to fade or be damaged, so the seats can maintain their beauty and performance in outdoor environments.
This 4-piece set of iron patio tables and chairs includes two seats, a backrest, and an end table. Two chairs provide comfortable seating space for you and your family or friends, allowing you to eat or rest together. The backrest adds to the comfort and support of the seat for a more comfortable sitting experience. The coffee table provides you with a convenient desktop space where tea, beverages, snacks, or other small items can be placed for easy access when you are dining or resting outdoors.
Iron patio tables and chairs are designed to be strong and durable enough to withstand the outdoors. The iron material also adds a classic aesthetic to the table and chairs, adding style to the patio space.
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